Visit to the foundry and update on the statue’s progress

We mentioned yesterday that we paid a visit to the foundry to check on the progress of the National K9 Memorial.

We were amazed at how much work has already taken place and what is left to do and we thought you’d like to learn a little bit more of what it takes to make this happen, so here go’s

The first step is to produce a life size clay mould, we showed you some pictures of this when the the clay mould was still at John’s studio.

This mould was dismantled for ease of transportation and taken to the foundry where the next process began.

Several layers of latex were ‘painted’ onto the pieces of clay mould, these layers are peeled off of the clay and then covered with a jacket of plaster of paris to give the pieces some rigidity. Then several layers of wax are applied to the latex moulds.

The next stage is to dip and coat these pieces with several layers of another solution that is also covered with fine powder, these pieces are then placed in a kiln at 1000c where the wax melts very quickly leaving a very hard outer shell.

Now begins the final stage of pouring the liquid bronze into each individual pieces. Once the bronze is cold the outer shell is broken off and then the work begins to prepare the different pieces and put this incredible jigsaw back together again.

We cannot overstate how much work has gone into preparing the pieces through the different stages to get to this point. Each stage requires a tremendous amount of detail and hours of patience.

This photos shows what the maquette looked like when the outer hard shell was removed, you can still see the fixing rods that prevent any movement of the bronze whilst it is curing, and you can also see how much work is still required to get the maquette looking like the last photo.

Hopefully this post has given you an insight into the work that is going on and where your wonderful donations are going.

Every £ that you’re able to to donate will go directly towards producing the memorial, there are hundreds and hundreds of hours being given of their own time by our small team to make this happen, we are passionate about making sure that your £’s are not wasted, we really value every single £. and thank you for your continued support.

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