West Midlands

RPD Usha

29/01/2008 – 08/11/2019

Served from March 2009-Jan 2016

Handler PC McMullen

Usha’s handler wrote the following

“Usha was the main stud dog for West Midlands Police breeding programme, and he was born within this scheme. Usha became dad to many of our outstanding police dogs.

Usha’s dad was a West Midlands Police dog at the time and his mum was a Dutch Import.

During his service he had an exemplary record and was a successful PD with many positive outcomes.

Usha was a loving and treasured loyal companion, living his retirement at home as a family pet.

He is greatly missed by us all.”

RPD Diesel

03/2003 – 08/2018

Served from 06/2004 – 04/2010

Handler PC Evitts

Diesel was a general purpose police dog and worked his service in Birmingham city centre and surrounding areas.

He contributed to hundreds of arrests and bit 59 offenders in his time. His biggest result was locating property linking a serial rapist to numerous offences.

Despite his results he was always an absolute gent at home and everyone loved him.

Diesel enjoyed many years of retirement before he sadly passed away at the grand age of 15 years, he is greatly missed by his handler and family.

PD Ajax

26/03/ 2003 – 21/03/2014

Handler PC Somerfield

At the age of fifteen months he was assigned to PC Kate Somerfield of the West Midlands Police, as a general purpose dog. He was a phenomenal dog to work and his reputation was known throughout the ranks, receiving his own area commander’s commendation for the work that he did. He retired in 2012, aged 8 ½ years, but didn’t take to retirement very well.

In the early months of 2014, he fell ill. Following a few visits to the vets, it was discovered that he had cancer on the spleen, but secondary tumours had developed on his liver.

Kate said: “Out of all the dogs I have worked, he was the ‘special’ one. He loved and protected me from the moment I came into his life, and now I shall miss him fro the rest of mine.”

Puppy Socialiser Buster

Buster joined his family at 8 weeks old and lived with Sgt Fleur Tedstill in the West Midlands.

Buster’s family foster Police Puppies and, as a “foster brother,” he played a vital role in training potential Police Dogs.

Buster died April 3, 2018 aged 13.

RPD 3939 Sarge

Handler PC Allsop

Sarge retired to his handler and family in March 2015. However, he never did step down from his watch. On January 18th 2018, his handler had to make the difficult decision to let him finally rest he was aged 11. PC Allsop said: “he was my knight in shining armour, a true street dog who did me proud.”

Sarge is the father of PD Euro who features on our Roll of Honour. PD Euro died the day after his dad.

RPD Beau