RPD Xena

D.O.B: 21/10/2015

Length of Service: 5 1/2 years.

Retired September 2022

Handler: PC Matt Richards.

PD Xena was a fine example of a Police Dog. She was a valued member of the Cheshire Police Dog Unit who through her excellent tracking skills brought many criminals to justice and found numerous high risk missing persons in need of care during her time with the Unit. PD Xena is greatly missed by her handler and the Cheshire Police Dog Unit who both wish her well in her retirement.

RPD Dante

Served 2014 – September 2020

Handler PC Gunn

Dante’s handler wrote the following.

“Dante came to me when he was 6 months old.  He is a Belgium Malinois and licenced as a PD at 12 months old, he was a General Purpose dog.

Dante was an excellent highly driven loyal PD.  He’s such a loving dog”.


Zak served from 1995 to 1999

Handler PC Clough

He was the fourth Police Dog of PC Clough. Zak and PC Clough retired together as PC Clough didn’t want Zak to go to another handler. Off duty Zak was a lovely family dog. He was very friendly with everyone, but ignorant when his handler was in uniform. Zak knew when he was going to work.

Zak left his family in 2007. He was losing the use of his rear legs and was put to sleep aged thirteen years old.

PC Clough loved being a Police Dog handler and had a great relationship with all 4 off his dogs.

RPD Tyke

Tyke served from 1986 to 1993.

Handler PC Clough

He was the second dog of PC Clough. He was a lovely dog when at home, very friendly, but knew when he was going to work. He was a small and stocky German Shepherd Dog but very powerful. Tyke won the Cheshire Police Dog trials. At that time, PC Clough was the only handler to win the Cheshire Police Dog trials with two different dogs – that record may still stand today.

Tyke left his family in his sleep one night in 1996 aged 11 years.

PD Shann

Shann served from 1980 to 1986.

Handler PC Clough

He was a lovely big dog who would play with his handler’s children. However, when PC Clough was in uniform he knew it was time for them to go to work. Shann won the Cheshire Police Dog trials, and in 1984 placed 5th in the National Police Dog trials. That was the highest a Police Dog and handler from Cheshire had ever achieved up to that point.

Shann left his family after being put to sleep in 1988, after losing the use of his rear legs aged 9 yrs. He was the first Police Dog of PC Clough.

RPD Janos

04.09.2005 – 06.06.2016

Handler PC Jones

He had served in Cheshire constabulary from Oct 2006- Nov 2013 where he took early retirement. Janos had worked alongside PC 3721 Graham Jones, who retired in 2014.

Janos is described as an amazing police dog. During his service he was responsible for the apprehension of many criminals and for the selfless protection of his handler in many incidents the attended together over his seven years of service.

He lived out his days with his handler and family. Thanks to regular hydrotherapy, he got the chance to act like a puppy again.

Janos was also an awesome brother to his four fur brothers and three fur sisters. He took his role as a foster brother to many others very seriously, showing them where the sofa was and, more importantly, the treat cupboard.