Scotland ROH

PD Ava

2016 – 02/03/2019

Served November 2018 –  02 March 2019

Handler PC Fairbairn

Sadly PD Ava only had a short career with Police Scotland, but during her time she served her force impeccably and was a credit to them.

Ava sadly passed away on 2nd March 2019 due to a torsion.

Ava is greatly missed by her handler and all who knew her.

PD Buck

04/04/2014 – 22/10/2019

Served November 2015 – August 2019

Handler PC Rae

In August 2019 Buck was diagnosed with cancer which unfortunately was inoperable.  Sadly he passed away in October 2019 with his handler by his side.

Buck was a credit to Police Scotland, and excelled in all aspects of his work.  Buck was a General Purpose PD who was also public order trained. 

Buck is greatly missed by his handler, family and all who knew him.

His handler said “we made his last couple of months with us the most special time ever”

“My eyes are your eyes, to watch and protect you and yours.

My ears are your ears to hear and detect evil minds in the dark.

My nose is your nose, to scent the invader of your domain.

And so you may live, my life is yours.”

PD Vinnie

23 /08/2011 – 25/06/2019

Served 11/2012 – 25/06/2019

Handler – PC Mitchell

PD Vinnie arrived as ‘TPD Frank’ having been bred by South Yorkshire police and was one of the first dogs to be licensed under the newly formed Police Scotland.

He excelled in his role as a GP dog and was awarded a Certificate of Recognition for locating a vulnerable 82 year old man lost in dense woodland who would have succumbed had he not been found.

His specialist roles included Public order and Firearms support.  His handler, PC Gordon Mitchell, his family and those who worked and trained with him will miss him dearly

PC Mitchell wrote the following poem dedicated to Vinnie.


 I said goodbye to my friend today.

It was harder than I thought. 

A friend that stood by me,

 never asking why or what.


My friend, my colleague, my protector

He was always by my side.

An angel on my shoulder

Surveying far and wide.


A watchman in the darkest night

His courage tested many times

He never let me walk alone

Standing firmly by my side.


He would search with all his heart

Through terrain so dark and dense

His focus never ceasing

Determination so intense.


Saving one from certain death

A badge of honour that he wore,

Never knowing that throughout his life He saved so many more.


Bringing some to justice

He would take it in his stride

I say proudly as his handler

I’m filled with so much pride


A legend in his own right

He’ll be remembered as he should

A loyal family member

An advocate for all that’s good.


I said goodbye to my friend today

As I placed his lead across my chest

Reaching down to pet him one last time

Laying him to rest.


Rest Big Vin

PD Eden

Served from 2012 – 19/09/2018

Handler PC Peskett

Eden was a puppy bred by South Yorkshire Police.  She was just over 1 year old when she was paired with novice handler PC Peskett in 2012.

PC Peskett quickly learned that Eden was a determined, cheeky and well motivated dog.  Passing their initial course together, PC Peskett and Eden took to the streets and began a great career together.

Eden lived to work and when she was on duty she was in her element.  In her time she traced numerous criminals, recovered one of the biggest drugs recoveries for a GP dog (£86,000), and regularly recovered property assisting with the progression of crimes.  

Eden also competed in the regional dog trials, and on two occasions scored well enough for the national trials.

When working for Police Scotland in 2018, her final year of being operational, Eden sadly passed away on 19th September 2018 due to a cancerous tumour.

PC Peskett says “During our career together, Eden and I had the strongest of bonds, and I could trust her implicitly.   I will never forget her determination when working, always wanting a result.  Naturally she is greatly missed, not only by me but also my family.  Thank you for looking after me Eden!”

PD Kai

Handler PC Inglis

Kai was bought when he was 2 years old by Central Scotland Police in September 2011 and was to be paired with novice handler PC Andy Inglis.

It didn’t take long for Kai to show his handler the ropes and within 4 weeks of passing his initial course he had his first operational bite in Stirling.

Kai received numerous recognition awards and in 2013 represented Scotland in the National Police Dog Trials, hosted in Wales.

Kai was still operational, now working for Police Scotland, when he had to be put to sleep on 22nd June 2018 due to a cancerous tumour.

PC Inglis says “He made me feel 8ft tall at work and was the biggest, kind hearted softy at home. He has given me a lifetime of stories and laughs to remember. Always remembered with a smile”

PD Brock

Passed away 30th July 2018

Handler PC Wood

PD Brock collapsed whilst he was out walking with his handler and sadly passed away.  A PM revealed that he had a congenital heart defect.

PD Brock was only 3 years old and served with Police Scotland and was handled by PC Gary Wood.  PD Brock was a rescue dog and during his short service he recovered £500K worth of heroin and quite a few firearms.  In one case he recovered 5 shotguns and a rifle that had been stashed after being stolen following a housebreak.

PD Brock was also a TV star, whilst the programme The Force was on, he was out on patrol and recovered a quantity of Class B drugs.

PD Brock is sadly missed by his handler and all his colleagues.

PD Jake

Served with Lothian and Borders Police from April 2001 – 1st October 2004

03.09.1999- 01.10.2004.

Handler PC Meikle  4731 of Lothian and Borders Police. 

I joined the Dog section in Lothian and Borders Police in October 2003. I was given PD Jake, He was already a licensed police dog and thought to be about 4 years old. He had been gifted to Lothian And Borders Police as an unwanted pet and was born September 1999. He had been a licensed police dog since about April 2001 with another handler who had left the section.
He was a stereo typical Black and Tan German Shepherd. As a handler’s first dog he was a dream. He was patient when I didn’t know what I was doing and enthusiastic and committed at everything he did. We completed our course in January 2004.

He recovered stolen property, found criminals, saved the lives of missing people and protected me with courage on numerous occasions. In September 2004 he developed a lump near the base of his tail. Various tests were completed and he underwent an operation on the 1st of October 2004. During this operation it was discovered that he had cancer and the tumour was more invasive than expected. The difficult decision was made not to bring him round from his operation. In the year that I had him we spent only 4 days apart. I had lost pet dogs before but Jake was my First Police Dog and I was devastated. He was my colleague and companion.

PD Fritz

He is pictured at Celtic Manor where he worked protecting the then President of the United States, Barack Obama.

Pd Fritz served with Strathclyde Police and then Police Scotland until 2015. He was unfortunately put to sleep after a very short illness on 7th December 2017. A true man’s best friend!

PD Max

Handler PC Menzies

Max joined Fife Constabulary in 2007, as a gift dog, and was handled by PC 944 Menzies as a GPD. He had to be put to sleep in 2010 at the age of 5 due to medical complications. PD Max had short service but many good results for him and his dad. He was PC Menzies first GPD.

PD Mac

Mac was the country’s first Rottweiler Police Dog. Originally from Falkirk, he joined Central Scotland Police in 2003. After graduating training school as valedictorian, Mac had a successful career. He attended 1785 callouts, helped arrest 206 suspects, and traced 31 vulnerable or missing people. One of Mac’s career highlights was helping to recover almost £70,000 worth of stolen property.

Mac died from bone cancer in January 2008. His Sergeant, Cameron Shanks, said: “He had a massive presence, a fantastic temperament and was exceptionally loyal.“

PD Senga

German Shepherd Senga worked for Grampian Police. In September 2008 she was hit by a Vauxhall Vectra in Aberdeen. She died from her injuries.

PD Senga had previously saved a man’s life in the River Don. Mr Lyon, who had jumped in the water to evade capture, started to struggle in strong currents. Senga was sent to rescue the man and bring him ashore. Mr Lyon, via his solicitor, likened Senga to Lassie and credited her for saving his life.

PD Amstel

Amstel was a German Shepherd Dog who worked alongside PC Steve Richie at Tayside Police. His first operation bite took place in Perth. He died from a torsion.

PD Eddie

Handler PC Morris

Eddie worked with his handler PC Davie Morris and was a General Purpose Dog for Strathclyde Police and then latterly Police Scotland.  He died May 2015 after complications following an operation. Eddie was 9 yrs old with 8yrs Police Service.

PD Zac

Handler PC Bell

Zak was a General Purpose Dog for Strathclyde Police and worked alongside his handler PC Alex Bell. He was 4yrs old with 3yrs service when he died of a torsion in 1999.

PD Merlot

Handler PC Auld

Merlot was an Explosive Search Dog who worked with PC Davy Auld.  Merlot was 10yrs old with 9yrs police service when he passed away of cancer on 14th October 2017. Here, Merlot is pictured searching the stadium before the closing ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics.

PD Millie and PD Zip


Handler PC Harper

Millie, a five year old Labrador, was a Specialist Drugs Dog and her handler was PC Ross Harper. Donated at approx 1 year old from a house In Barlanark,Glasgow where she had been kept permanently in the garden and rarely taken out. Millie trained for drugs, cash and firearms detection. She was so happy working that she would bounce about 4 feet in the air at the beginning of any search! She had a malignant tumour and died in April 2017. Millie had four years service with Police Scotland.

Her best friend was Belgian Malinois x German Shepherd Zip. She was forever running and winding him up for a chase.

PD Zip was bought from a prison service handler, at 1 year old. He had a great temperament and amazing nature, was able to switch on and off as required depending on the circumstances! A very good tracking dog who continued to work and get apprehensions up till he was diagnosed with Cancer at age 7 in March 2017. Zip died on September 18 2017.

PD Ike

Handler PC Findlay

PD Ike was a General Purpose Dog who worked with PC Janet Findlay. Ike passed on 1st November 2016 from kidney failure.  He was 7yrs old with 6 years police service. He served with Strathclyde Police before moving to Police Scotland. Ike is described by his handler Janet Findlay as a gentle giant. She said: “during his police service he had many apprehensions, and myself and Ike were awarded the Royal Humane Society award in 2012 for saving a man’s life after Ike had located the man struggling in a river.”

PD Barney

Handler PC Harper

PD Barney served with Strathclyde Police for 4yrs. He was a General Purpose Dog and Firearms Support Dog. He was injured on duty in 2009 whilst at a Firearms Call and he succumbed to his injuries. He served with PC Harper and was 5 yrs old when he passed away. Barney was a scheme dog from Govan, Glasgow donated to the police at 1 year old. He qualified and competed at regional trials 3 months after completing his initial course! Sadly, he was injured during a firearms operation whilst searching a rear courtyard and put to sleep as a result of his injuries.

PD Geri

Handler PC Campbell

On the 19th March 2012 PD Geri passed away from a Torsion. Geri served with Strathclyde Police alongside her handler PC John Campbell.  She was 4yrs old with 2 1/2yrs service. Geri’s handler PC Campbell said: ‘She was much loved by my family and myself. Far too young to leave us.’

PD Merlin

Handler PC Farndell

Merlin was born 26/04/2006. He worked with PC Phil Farndell. He served with Strathclyde Police and latterly Police Scotland as an Explosive Detection Dog. PD Merlin worked at the Olympics in London, Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, G8 conference in Wales and completed tours of Northern Ireland. Unfortunately Merlin was injured on 05/08/2016 as he was out walking before early shift and he bled out before arriving at vets. Merlin’s handler’s Goddaughter said: ‘We miss you and your hobbit feet. Such a lovely dog.’

PD Sam

Handler PC Shearer

Following a serious road traffic accident on the A909 near Peterhead on Tuesday, February 28 2017, a police dog sadly died. Sam, a nine year old black Labrador, was put down on Friday, March 3 following complications after surgery. Superintendent Steven Irvine, of the Specialist Operations Unit, said: “As a force we care a great deal about our dogs and although it was an extremely difficult decision to make, it was agreed, with very heavy hearts, this was the best course of action for Sam. Sam was a much-loved and valued member of the Police Scotland family – as is the case with all our dogs – and he will be sorely missed. We are extremely proud of the fantastic crime-fighter Sam became and will always be grateful to him for the loyalty he showed his handler and the force.” Sam was traveling in the van with his handler PC George Shearer and another police dog, a German Shepherd Dog. Both PC Shearer and the GSD survived.