Derbyshire ROH

PD Enzo

06/2012 – 25/10/2018

Served 2013 – 10/2018

Handler PC Boyce

Enzo joined Derbyshire Constabulary in 2013 aged 18 months, sadly he passed away in October 2018 following a short illness.

Enzo is greatly missed by his handler and family.

PD Junior

D.o.b Jan 2012
Vet consultation Sadly Put to sleep 24/04/2017
Cause of death After extensive veterinary treatment for myasthenia Gravis with secondary Mega Oesophagus and Pneumonia

PD Drax

D.o.b April 2012
Vet consultation: Sadly Put to sleep 27/10/2016
Cause of death: After having major spinal surgery Drax could still not stand easily on back legs and was in continuous pain. Operation not successful no further options available to relieve pain

PD Renko

D.o.b June 2011
Vet consultation:  Renko sadly Put to sleep 18/02/2016
Multiple unprovoked bites to handler

PD Jake

D.o.b Dec 2010
Vet consultation: Jake sadly Put to sleep 14/05/2015
Aggressive behaviour and 2 unprovoked bites to handler

PD Clyde

Springer Spaniel
D.o.b Sept 05
Vet consultation: Sadly Put to sleep 25/01/2013
Cause of death: Clyde was due to retire with his handler when he developed trouble eating and drinking. Immediate veterinary investigation revealed fast growing inoperable tumour under Clyde’s tongue

PD Kia

D.o.b: Dec 2005
Vet consultation: Sadly Put to sleep 04/12/2012
Cause of death: Kai with no prior warning presented inability to walk or stand. Immediate veterinary advise sought. MRI scan identified tumour on lower spine inoperable.

PD Ice

Nov 2005 – Oct/Nov – 2012

Handler PC Allen

Ice was his handlers first PD.  Sadly Ice fell and landed on his hip.  Veterinary treatment and Chiropractor/swimming followed but Ice was clearly in a lot of pain, sadly there was no surgery available to prevent further suffering because of a spinal injury also sustained in fall.  He sadly passed away in Oct/Nov 2012.  He is greatly missed by his handler.

PD Fluke

D.o.b Feb 2005
Vet consultation: Sadly Put to sleep 14/06/2012
Cause of death: Fluke developed Fits. This was treated medically until Flukes general condition deteriorated and a brain tumour diagnosed the cause of the fits.

PD Arkan

Handler – PC Marshall

D.o.b May 2007
Vet consultation: Sadly Put to sleep 16/02/2011
Cause of death: Arkan had an inoperable spinal tumour.

PD Toby

Springer Spaniel
D.o.b Jan 2010
Vet consultation: Sadly Put to sleep 09/12/2011
Cause of death: After undergoing a 4 week course for Drug search training Toby developed a sore eye. Immediate veterinary sought and scan revealed large inoperable tumour behind eye and facial skull area.

PD Max

D.o.b Sept 2004
Vet consultation: Sadly Put to sleep 23/11/2011
Cause of death: Max suffered Heart failure with no prior warning on duty.  Heart scan revealed severe heart damage

PD Bud

Sadly Died under anaesthetic  10/03/2010
Cause of death: Whilst on exercise time Bud chased Rabbit into a Hawthorn bush and thorn lodged in the Carotid Artery. Bud died whist undergoing operation to remove the thorn

PD Deano

Springer Spaniel
D.o.b Aug 2000
Vet consultation: Sadly Put to sleep 17/04/2006
Cause of death: Whilst on exercise time Deano ran into a large tree causing a massive bleed on his brain.

PD Rex

D.o.b Feb 1999
Vet consultation: Sadly Put to sleep 05/01/2006
Cause of death Rex collapsed caused by unknown  advanced cancer tumour

PD Bailey

D.o.b June 2000
Vet consultation: Sadly Put to sleep  13/01/2005
Cause of death Strangulated Gut

PD Max

Max was a young GSD (D.o.B July 1994) who was just starting his life as a much loved valued Police Dog.

On 05/11/1996 Max was deployed with his handler to attend a Burglary on the outskirts of Derby City centre.

The offenders had left the scene and whilst searching for property Max was hit by a car which did not stop. Despite every effort made to find the vehicle and driver sadly no trace was ever found.

Max died at the scene.

Due to Max searching for the stolen property the offenders for the burglary were  arrested and successfully prosecuted.