British Transport Police

RPD Bobby

08/07/2009 – 26/04/2021

Served with PC Beal from November 2014 – 11/2018 after being re-handled

Handler PC Beal

Bobby’s handler wrote the following.

“Bobby served the British Transport police dog section with dedication and distinction, working through the London Olympics, countless operations, high profile searches and major incidents including the aftermath of the Manchester bombing and the London Bridge attack.

Bobby was awarded the PDSA Order of Merit medal for his courage in the most harrowing of conditions for the London Bridge attack.

Bobby also served on the Birmingham CT Hub and the Manchester CT Hub until he retired in Nov 2018 .

Bobby was a credit to the British Transport police dog section and is much missed by us and leaves an unfillable void in our family”.

Bobby is now running free with his pal RPD Dan who is featured below.


01/05/2006 – 11/10/2016

Served 2007 – 2014

Handler PC Beal

Dan was Pete’s first dog and he was lovely.

He was a brilliant explosive search dog and latterly a wonderful pet.

He retired in 2014, Pete worked him for 7 years.

Dan is greatly missed by his handler and family

RPD Murph

05/2004 – 05/2018

Served 2006 – 2012

Handler PC Sladden

Murph’s forever family wrote the following.

“We had the honour of caring for English Springer Spaniel Murph who served as an explosives dog between 2006 – 2012 with British Transport Police in Leeds .

When he retired my son who is a serving BTP officer adopted him from his handler and Murph became a major part of our family until he sadly passed away in May 2018.

He was an inspiration to us all and we will always be grateful for his years of service and for us being able to share part of his life.

His passing left a huge hole in our hearts and even now two years later he is missed every single day”.

RPD Buster

10/2003 – 19/12/2019

Served October 2004 – August 2011

Handler PC Healy

Sadly in December 2019 Buster passed away at the age of 16.

When Buster retired he moved to a new family.

His family wrote the following.

“We were privileged as a family to look after Buster during his retirement. He was a real character, full of energy and affection.

We would like to thank Buster for the years of service he gave to the country and for bringing so much joy and happiness to us as a family during his retirement, he will be greatly missed by all of us .”