Devon and Cornwall

RPD Logan

17/04/2008- 29/08/2019

Handler PC Cruwys

Unfortunately Logan crossed the rainbow bridge on Thursday 28th August , whilst on holiday with his family in Devon.

He was previously the Force Champion at trials for Devon Police.

Although he went to live a happy retirement in the West Midlands, it is ironic that he passed away back in Devon.

His family miss him so much.


January 2013

Served 2004 – 2010

Handler PC Morley-Trapnell

RPD Max was a rescue dog and went on to become an amazing PD, he also specialised as a Firearms Support Dog.

Max retired to his handler and had a happy retirement and enjoyed spending time playing on his favourite beach at Whitsand Bay in Cornwall. Sadly in January 2013 Max had to be helped across the rainbow bridge due to a brain tumour.  He is still missed very much by his handler, family and friends.

RPD Jasper

1.9.2012 – 8.6.2018

In August 2013 TPD Jasper was collected by his new Dog Handler Vikki. He was to be her first ever Police Dog and it was a very exciting time for them both. TPD Jasper had been living with his puppy walkers Graham and Elaine in Plymouth up until this point, and they had done a fabulous job getting him ready for his Police Dog training course in September 2013 with Vikki. Together they embarked on their journey together and made a great team, passing their course and hitting the streets with great enthusiasm. It did not take long to start having success and they both worked very well together finding criminals, evidence and vulnerable persons.  The pair had great success as a young partnership.

One of Jasper’s greatest results was a commendation he received for locating an elderly lady who had walked off from her family at Christmas in a very upset state. Officers and Dartmoor Rescue had been searching for some time in the very cold, wet and windy night. It was getting close to the morning and most of the local area had been covered, however Vikki and Jasper, soaked through to their skin, remained out continuing to walk the local area in a hope of locating the elderly female. Jasper suddenly dragged Vikki into a dense over hung bush/tree, scrabbling right in and under Jasper was licking the old ladies face who was tucked right in against the fence and wrapped in her large Mac jacket sheltering from the elements with empty paracetamol tablet packets surrounding her. This was an area that had been walked a number of times by searching officers. The elderly lady was unresponsive, so Vikki pulled the old lady out of the bushes and called for backup. The lady spent a number of days in hospital and survived due to being located in time by PD Jasper.

Vikki and PD Jasper continued to work together and had great results, tracking across rural land and urban areas finding criminals. However PD Jasper started to waiver in his confidence when faced with aggressive situations that were not training scenarios. This was monitored and eventually a decision was made with Vikki and her supervisor that PD Jasper was experiencing a lot of stress in certain situations and it would not be fair to continue to make him experience such emotions and he was retired from service. It was such a tough and emotional decision as they had a fantastic bond, but his welfare had to be put first. It just wasn’t meant to be!

So Vikki then set about finding a forever home for RPD Jasper. After visiting many homes, eventually a call was received from Gus and Sam. A home visit was conducted and it was perfect for RPD Jasper.

RPD Jasper settled into family life very quickly, enjoying visits to the park to chase his frisbee, long walks and swimming in the sea and the river. He also became quite well travelled, holidaying in France and the UK. Whenever Vikki came to visit she was greeted with enthusiasm, to say the least!

In September 2017, just over a year after his retirement, Jasper collapsed after returning home from a walk. Shortly after he was diagnosed with an enlarged heart and a dangerous irregular heart beat. He initially responded well to medication and carried on much as before, although the frisbee chasing had to stop!  In the beginning of June, 2018 he teamed up with Vikki once more. This time it was to show off his obedience skills at a dog show, in support of Pawsome Pensions, a charity that supports retired service dogs in Devon, Dorset and Cornwall.  On the 8th of June he died peacefully at home as a result of his heart condition.

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