Thames Valley, Hampshire and Isle of Wight

PD Smudge

Handler PC Webster

Smudge was born in 2005, and served in Thames Valley, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire from 2007.

In 2011, he was re-handled by PC Ellen Webster in Buckinghamshire, after her previous search dog Benhad to be put to sleep.

In 2015, Smudge retired. He quickly gave up sniffing and searching as he was spoilt with treats and kings. This left the other two working dogs very jealous as they didn’t get to live indoors like Smudge!

In the last few years, Smudge suffered from arthritis. Pensions 4 Paws assisted with funding towards his medication. In March 2018, he went to the vets for an X-ray, where it was discovered he was suffering from bone cancer. The decision was made not to let him suffer, and he was put to sleep on March 28, 2018.

Smudge was 13 years old.

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