Thames Valley, Hampshire and Isle of Wight

RPD Brodie

06/08/2012 – 01/08/2022

Served September 2013 – November 2016

Handler PC McShane

Brodie was a real character and always kept his chauffer on her toes, he was an amazing police dog.

Brodie sadly had to take early retirement (part timer) on medical grounds.  He moved to his new family and joined up with Jet, who was to become his partner in crime, they certainly kept their new Mum on her toes.

Very sadly both Brodie and Jet crossed the rainbow bridge together.  They are both greatly missed by their family and all who knew them.

RPD Hawk

21/05/2005 – 13/08/2020

Served with Thames Valley police, 2006 – 2011

Handler Sgt Burke

Hawk’s handler wrote the following.

“To some people Hawk was just a dog but to me he was a crew mate, loyal friend and family.

I first met him in 2006 when he was 10 months old. He was so full of character and enthusiasm. We trained together and became operational as a police general purpose dog team.

Hawk loved all aspects of being a police dog and as a team we aspired to being a tactical support team in support of firearm operations. We had a great deal of fun getting in and out of many scrapes together whilst protecting the public from crime. Hawk had a reputation of having a firm bite and not wanting to let go of the bite sleeve and in his latter years he had the same determination to not let go of life.

He retired early in his career with me in July 2011 and I thank Paul Whitty for arranging this to happen as a leaving gift. I never expected it as Hawk still had a couple of years in him as an exceptional police dog.

He has been a big apart of mine and Paula’s life for over 14 years. He had a couple of serious health scares but he always bounced back and amazed us with his resilience.

Recently his health had deteriorated due to age but he still retained that spark and alertness and he enjoyed mobility in his doggie wheel chair, thanks to Winstons Wheels.

During last night (12th August, 2020) Hawk lost that spark and determination for life. He passed away naturally at his home in familiar surroundings where he was loved and cared for.

Our home is and will be full of many tears emptiness and sadness, but the void will be partly filled by the joy and love that you gave us and the happy memories we shared. We recently celebrated your 15th birthday and now we will celebrate your life.

You left this world knowing that you were loved and cherished thankfully only experiencing the good side of the human race, (except for the odd tasty bad guy).

So this big bundle of fur may have just been a dog, but the imprint that he has left on our lives is immense. This short eulogy is only a snippet of your exceptionally long and happy life.

You are and will be sorely missed and remembered by us and many more. Xx

RIP Hawk”

RPD Rocky

RPR Rocky started life in a rescue centre and went on to become an amazing Victim Recovery Dog for Thames Valley-Hampshire JOU Police where he served from 2011 until he retired in 2018.

Sadly Rocky passed away on 9th February 2019.  

His handler said “He was an awesome police dog and is greatly missed by all his family”

PD Smudge

Handler PC Webster

Smudge was born in 2005, and served in Thames Valley, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire from 2007.

In 2011, he was re-handled by PC Ellen Webster in Buckinghamshire, after her previous search dog Benhad to be put to sleep.

In 2015, Smudge retired. He quickly gave up sniffing and searching as he was spoilt with treats and kings. This left the other two working dogs very jealous as they didn’t get to live indoors like Smudge!

In the last few years, Smudge suffered from arthritis. Pensions 4 Paws assisted with funding towards his medication. In March 2018, he went to the vets for an X-ray, where it was discovered he was suffering from bone cancer. The decision was made not to let him suffer, and he was put to sleep on March 28, 2018.

Smudge was 13 years old.

PD Chase

Isle of Wight

PD Diesel