Pet Remembrance Wall

Here you can remember you beloved pet dog who has passed over the rainbow bridge. This page is dedicated to non police dogs.


Rex passed away two years ago. His mum wrote “He is still deep within our hearts, I still cry whenever I see a picture of my boy. We rescued him for a centre, he was treated so badly. He was beaten and left tied to a railway track, luckily there was a dog walker who came across him and took in the vets”. 

Bullseye ‘Bully’

Bullseye ‘Bully’ he was born January 2007 and died suddenly from a brain tumour 23/3/15. His Mum said ” he was my best friend and I still miss him everyday”. 

Blade -2008 – 14/01/2019

Blade’s Dad wrote “He was such a character and words cannot describe how much of a loss he is to me and my work mates”.