Norfolk and Suffolk ROH

PD Claude

01/04/2009 – 20/7/2020

Served 2010 – 2020

Handler PC Vincent

Claude worked across both counties, mainly in the Kings Lynn area.  He was an outstanding police dog and was due to retire with his handler later this year (2020).

His handler said “Claude was such a big character, there will never have another dog like him. He was a lovable rogue!  He will be greatly missed by everyone who knew him.”

PD Jukie

11/07/2013 – 17/08/2019

Service 2016 – 17/08/2019

Jukie served with Norfolk & Suffolk police dog section since 2016 working primarily out of Martlesham PHQ.

When Jukie’s handler retired in April 2019, Jukie was re handled by another handler and was operational up until her sudden death.

Jukie was an amazing police dog and is greatly missed by all who knew her.

PD Riggs

In early May 2018, PD Riggs passed away suddenly. He was in his 8th year of service. Riggs, along with his handler, was due to retire in a few months. He is described as having numerous good results, and a great member of the team.

PD Cracker

PD Cracker killed whilst searching for an offender: 30th January 2007.

Cracker worked for Norfolk police.

PD Ben

PD Ben shot when tackling an armed burglar in Norwich: 15th March 1985.

Ben worked for Norfolk Police.