RPD MetPol Mountbatten Karl ‘Diesel’

17/6/2005 – 4/3/2015

Handler PC Jones

In Service with the Metropolitan Police from 9/12/2006 – 3/12/2014

General Purpose, Firearms Support & Public Order.

Affectionately known at home as Big Bear. Gone but Forever Loved.

RPD Regency George ‘Prince’


Handler PC Truelove

His handler wrote the following tribute to him.

I picked him up as a bundle of fluff at 7 1/2 weeks old and our journey began.  I was a novice handler so we learnt together.  Time flew by and the new pup soon became a licensed police dog and we worked covering South East London for the Met.

Prince loved his role and exceeded any expectation I held of him bringing in bad guy after bad guy, I have kept a folder with every job he had in it.

Prince retired in 2017 and then loved being at home with the family, he was a gentle giant.  I am so proud he was my partner, protector and best friend and feel lost without my shadow… until we meet again princey biscuit 💔🐾

RPD Metpol Papa Misty ‘Leia’

 15/03/08 – 22/12/18
Handler PC Harvey
RPD Leia retired on 22/01/14 and she worked out of TDP in South East London
RPD Leia was with her handler from 15 months old until she passed away.  She was originally going to be a Brood bitch for TVP but they returned her for some reason.
RPD Leia is greatly missed by her handler.



Rudi retired in June 2018 due to health reasons and in July 2018 he moved to his forever home.  His new mum says he’s such a character!

PD Rusty

PD Benson

RPD Karly

Handler PC Chapman

Karly was always a wonderful character from the moment she caught the eye of the lovely kennel staff at the Metropolitan Police Dog Training Establishment. She was a lively puppy and in 2005 we completed our Basic Course. Throughout her brilliant career she was responsible for many arrests, detaining suspects, locating weapons following armed incidents and finding missing people

She excelled in her specialism of Victim Recovery and Blood Detection being responsible for locating bodies and blood. She enjoyed her fame in the last series of Send In The Dogs and loved visiting schools and clubs to meet children.

Karly was awarded a Commendation in 2014 by Cressida Dick for chasing and detaining a male who was wanted for serious offences including armed robbery. The male fought her and despite being injured she held onto him and we arrested him.

Whilst deployed in Machynlleth, Wales, Karly suffered from a torsion and after rushing her to the vets I carried her “lifeless” from the car in tears to be met by a team of Vets in Dolgellau.

The longest night followed as they fought to save her while I sat on the floor next to her throughout the surgery. She beat all the odds to recover and retired to me enjoying over two years of leisurely long walks and playing football with me. She always cheated and stole the ball!

Out of the blue one day she fell ill. I knew it was serious and lay with her in the garden comforting her and telling her how wonderful she was and talking to her about all the crazy stuff we had got up to. Later that day she fell asleep in my arms. I was so honoured to have worked with her and have her in my life.

My friend. My hero.