West Mercia

RPD Bert

Bert was born 8th May 2006. West Mercia had BERT at an early age and a competition commenced called PUP IDOL, naming him. The winner then got a tour of the dog section and a display from the dog section.
Bert started working as a specialist search dog in 2007 and finished in February 2014 after breaking his leg. He had titanium plates and screws fitted and then began his retirement.
During his time with West Mercia, he located one of Herefords biggest drugs hides in a car, which was heavily concealed and missed twice by searching officers.
He was a valuable asset to the police and worth his weight in gold.
During his retirement, he enjoyed his life at home, letting the grandchildren pull him around and fall asleep on him. He was a true gentle boy. However he did have the nickname of ASBO. Although he would tolerate other dogs, he did not like them in his personal space and was willing to take on any dog, no matter how big they were.
Sadly Bert passed away on Monday 10th December 2018.
There is a huge hole in our hearts, our house is now empty and quiet and my two working dogs keep looking into our conservatory, wondering where he is and why he is not at the window barking back.
He never moaned, never wanted for anything, gave everything and was always there to please. He was one of the best.

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