RPD Stella

Born 6/3/2006
Service  2007 – July 2015
Handler PC Sewell
PC Sewell writes.
“Stella was a re-handle to me in 2012.
I worked Stella for three years until retirement in 2015.
She arrived in Leicestershire as one of the first Belgian Malinois puppies on the force at 7 weeks old. Stella was a very good police dog and later became a licensed TFSD.
Stella is retired at home with me where she currently enjoy’s putting her paws up with her best friend Marley”.


Born 12/7/2005 – Feb 2014
Service Dates  – Leics November 2010 – October 2012
Handler PC  Sewell
PC Sewell wrote the following tribute.
Dee was my second police dog who was the replacement for the retired PD Rosco.
Dee was originally bred by Strathclyde Police and came to me via Warwickshire Police.
Dee was a very good police dog and great fun to work although was a proper madam at times.  Unfortunately Dee suffered an embolism during a walk on rest days and lost the use of her rear legs.
Following lots of patience and recuperation along with fantastic physiotherapy she was able to walk and run again and lead an active life, although she had to be retired as a police dog.
Dee was retired to me and loved being at home with Rosco and the pet dog Marley.
Unfortunately and very suddenly Dee became ill and was diagnosed with lung cancer and died within 4 days of the diagnosis.

RPD Rosco

Born MAY 2004 – May 2017
Service Dates Sept 2005 – Sept 2010
Handler PC  Sewell
PC Sewell wrote the following tribute.
Rosco was my first police dog who was given to me aged 11 months old.
I then went on my initial course with him and successfully passed.  Rosco was found as a 8 week old puppy as a stray on Moss Side, Manchester and taken to Manchester dogs home.
He was seen by an instructor from Leicestershire whilst looking at another dog in the kennels. He was initially very poorly suffering with Parvo.
Once licensed PD Rosco was a very successful police dogs twice winning the John Chowanski trophy for the best police dog work two years in a row during his service.
He was a well renowned police dog within Leicestershire for his work and especially his puppy ears which made him look like he was wearing a hat.
He retired to me due to injury and spent 7 years enjoying his retirement.

RPD Duke

Handler PC Langston

David said: “He was the third and best shepherd I had. He had a fantastic temperament and could switch from being petted by children to work and back again with no problem. He was a great family dog and an even better work dog.  He was laid to rest as a result of severe scoliosis in his lower back.”