South Yorkshire

PD Diesel

Diesel served from 2009-2016 and was handled by PC Shaw.

Diesel retired to PC Shaw and had a long and happy retirement, enjoying long walks with his partner RPD Axel.  They would wait at the kitchen door yelping for their dad to get himself ready to go.  Sadly and very suddenly Diesel passed away on 25th November 2018 whilst out walking.  PC Shaw wrote the following about Diesel who is very much missed.

“Diesel found me!

I’d been in the dogs since 1996 and my second GSD Champ was due to retire. This is always a stressful time for dogmen/women!  The civvy driver happened to ask me if I knew anyone after a dog as his neighbours had a pup which was out of control.

The pup was a 5 month GSD so I rang to enquire about it. The woman was very apologetic but Diesel had been re homed.  Nothing lost and my search for a new dog continued.

Two weeks later I was sat at home with a coffee when my phone rang. It was Diesels owner again, the re-home hadn’t gone well as he kept nicking the washing from the line and chewing it 😂😂.  So I arranged to see him that evening.

Immediately on putting the phone down another dog handler rang, he knew I was after a dog and his mate had re-homed one but given it back as it was out of control, it was the same dog Diesel.  How spooky I thought that dog is destined for me!

There’s an old Gamekeeper saying ‘A Good Dog Will Find You’

I duly attended and it was a cul de sac, as I pulled up my heart sank.  Firstly nearly every neighbour had come to watch, Diesel was a much loved local celebrity pup! But secondly Diesel looked shocking! One ear up, one ear down, no fur at all around his neck following an allergy and I wasn’t even sure he was a pure bred GSD. The one thing he had going was his long hair, all of mine have been long haired GSDs.

Anyway I felt like driving off but was compelled to go through the motions to keep the neighbourhood happy.  I’d already decided to use the too young excuse.  Anyway after initial introductions I asked if I could take Diesel into the back garden.  I chucked a ball he retrieved it, I hid the ball a few times and he manically found and retrieved it.  I asked him to speak, he did!  Finally I put on a sleeve and he bit it and ragged me about, no leave though 😂😂  In short he was awesome.

I took him there and then and when other handlers saw him they all said ‘What The ***+ Have You Got There’  I always replied ‘An Ugly Duckling Who Will Make A Swan’  In short, show him something once and that was all that was needed. He was the smartest most athletic dog I’ve had. He was SYP and North East Champion numerous times. He competed at Nationals a few times but in truth he was a better PD than I was a PD Handler. But he was also so soft and trustworthy but could turn into a crazed wolf when pushed.

His death was a shock and I am truly privileged to have shared my life with him.
Diesel the dog that found me!”

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