Lincolnshire ROH

PD Kolt

16/10/2011 – 26/09/2020

Served 01/2014 – 26/09/2020

Handler PC Chadwick

Kolt’s handler wrote the following.

“Kolt was from the last litter of dogs to be bred by Lincolnshire Police in 2011. He was part of the ‘K’ litter and was the last serving Police Dog from the litter.

Kolt was a dedicated servant to the people of Lincolnshire and had countless prisoners over the years.

Kolt became famous during the women’s football World Cup in 2019 when a video of him went viral with close to 100,000 views!!

Very sadly whilst out for a walk before his last operational shift Kolt suddenly passed away. He was due to retire within the next few days and was going to stay with myself and my family.

We thank Kolt for his hard work and commitment to Lincolnshire Police. He will be sadly missed by myself, my family and everyone who knew him.”

PD Falco

Since April 2016, the only dog that has died during service was PD Falco, who is the dog that Lincs Chief Officer Team deemed should be put to sleep after he killed a member of the public’s dog.