RPD Ellie

RPD Ellie was the best mate of the recently passed away RPD Nando. Her handler said: “I’m sure Ellie and Nando will be creating havoc somewhere.

“Ellie was too clever; she was horrible on the lead. Would protect me to the hilt, even her dad had to talk to her at work before he could approach us!

“Off lead was another matter! If someone was armed and moving towards us shouting, Ellie would take an interest. If running away she’d look as if to say “He’s running away…why should I chase them?!”

Ellie enjoyed approximately 4 years of retirement and was put to sleep at the age of 11 when she became unwell.

She was a funny girl.

RPD Nando

Handler PC Bloor

RPD Nando was put to sleep Saturday, February 24 at the ripe old age of 13 ½ years old. He enjoyed approximately five years of retirement. Nando was from Germany; his handler Karen Bloor had to learn German for him!

She said: “now he’s terrorising someone with his very bad standoff or could be sharing fancy dress outfits with [brother and fellow PD] Nex. He was a real character and feared nothing or no-one. But he loved his Mum.”

RPD Dutch

Handler PC Hargreaves


Handler PC Hargreaves

RPD Alfie

Handler PC Hargreaves