Leicestershire ROH

PD Fudge

In December 2010, puppy PD Fudge took a walk with his handler near the Enderby police headquarters. Fudge saw some ducks on the pond and chased after them. The pond was frozen; the ice gave way under Fudge.

Fudge’s handler tried for over ten minutes to get him from the water. Eventually, the fire service was called to rescue PD Fudge. Fudge was taken immediately to the vet but could not be saved.

Fudge was described by Chief Inspector Alistair Roe as “a lively, seven month-old cocker spaniel who was in training for a future specialist role.”

PD Bulla

May 1990

He was apprehending a man brandishing a butcher’s knife and threatening civilians and police officers. Sadly, Bulla was stabbed through the neck and into the heart. Despite all efforts to save him, Bulla died at the scene.