Greater Manchester

RPD Rico

21/03/2013 – 09/11/2020

Served (??) – March 2019

Rico’s handler wrote the following.

“Rico had been with me since he was 3 months old, he was from a West Yorkshire litter.

Following his licencing Rico went on to spent the next 6 years on the streets with me .   He was one of the smallest police dogs in the section but had a heart of a lion,  some would take him on because of his size but would very quickly regret doing so.

During training no one ever liked running for him because he hit so hard, his timing was perfect .  But what people didn’t see was the loving happy dog he was at home (which is always the case).

Rico’s favourite place was Formby beach which is where I will scatter his ashes alongside Stig .

My whole family are devastated and he will be greatly missed”.

RPD Kaiser

02/02/09 – 29/02/2020

Served 15/07/10 – 29/10/15

Handler PC Rooney

Kaiser’s handler wrote the following.

“In 2010, I returned from maternity leave and was introduced to Kaiser. I didn’t fall in love instantly, he drew blood and caused pain, but as the months passed it became apparent that this was no ordinary dog. He was something special.

His tracking was something to behold and on two particular occasions, when others had given up including the helicopter, tracked offenders and located them!

Kaiser loved to play, he loved his ball and he loved the sleeve. A tough dog with a soft heart who in retirement would lean up against anyone willing to give him a tickle.

He fell asleep for the last time on 29th Feb 2020 aged 11 with his handler PC Rooney by his side. His whole family miss him terribly as does anyone who knew him. Sleep tight sweet boy.”

RPD Manpol Bomber

Served Jan 2012 – April 2019

Handler PC Oram

PC Oram wrote the following.

Bomber was a fantastic pup who has grown into an outstanding senior dog.

During his career he has been involved with countless arrests and detains and located numerous missing persons.

He’s been through the mill work wise,  he’s being stabbed, bitten kicked and punched, but he came out the other side even stronger.

My partner and my friend. Loved by all ( apart from his clients).

RPD Chief

DOB unknown – 21/8/18

Handler PC Kay

Served December 2009 – April 2018

FSD, GPD qualified unfortunately passed during a operation. Loved by his family always getting his dad in trouble.