Metropolitan ROH

PD Tommy

09/04/2011 – 23/03/2019

Served 05/12/2012 – 23/03/2019

Handler PC Disspain

Tommy suddenly passed away after a short illness on 23rd March 2019.

He was a police dog through and through, leaving his mark on his colleagues and criminals alike.

Tommy is greatly missed by his handler and all his colleagues.

PD Nico

Handler PC Craven,

In July 2004, Police Dog Nico was discovered dead in the back of a vehicle. He was a spaniel.

PD Craven was disciplined over the incident.

PD Chay and PD Tilly

Handler Sgt. Craven

In summer 2011, PD Chay and PD Tilly were at the Dog Training Centre, in Kent. Sgt. Ian Craven, their handler, left both dogs in his vehicle shortly after 5.00 am. At 11.00 am when he called to have kennel staff check on the dogs, it had risen to 84f (29c).

PD Chay and PD Tilly died from heat exhaustion.

Tilly was a five month old German Shepherd puppy, whilst Chay was a bomb detection trained Malinois.

On learning of the dog’s death, Sgt Craven jumped from a police vehicle and later was discovered with self-inflicted injuries to his wrists.

PD Queenie

Died 17 December 1983

Handler PC Gordon

During the Harrods bombing by the I.R.A. Handler John Gordon lost both his legs. Police Dog Queenie was injured so badly that she had to be shot to end her suffering.

PC Gordon returned to the site in September 1985 to attend a memorial for all the ones that died, including his dog. He placed a floral tribute on the memorial with a note reading: “I didn’t forget you babes.” The message was for his beloved dog, Queenie.

PD Yerba

Handler PC Coxon

From the official report on the death of Police Dog Yerba:

On Wednesday 15th August 1984 at 11:45 am PC Coxon acting ‘P’ District Dog Sergeant was on duty in station square, Petts wood.

PC Coxon was in his private motor car (a blue Citroen 2CV) stationary in station square outside Douglas Goodman and Freeman estate agents. About 30 yards down the road a group 4 vehicle was making a delivery at Lloyds bank. Two men with handguns held up the delivery guards. One of the robbers fired a shot into the gutter. PC Coxon shouted to the robbers to stand still and warned them of the police dog. Yerba was sent on the standing gunman to do a gun attack, as trained. The robber stood his ground and shot at Yerba, this caused the dog to be thrown back. Yerba got to his feet and made a second attack, again the robber fired a shot into Yerba, this again threw him back. Yerba got to his feet again, staggered and then fell to the ground dead. The robber then walked to the dog and fired a third shot into a now lifeless body having threatened PC Coxon with the gun, he then made good his escape.

PD Ulysses

PD Ulysses (Chime Terrence) was stabbed on duty 05/06/1994 and died of his injuries: 9th June 1994

PD Winston

Handler PC Copplestones

PD Winston died whilst on night duty. He jumped over a wall of a multi-storey car park several floors up. The handler was made to work the following night driving the dog van: date unknown

PD Major

Handler PC Jackson

PD Major 79 was killed in an RTA: 25th October 1986

PD Ben

Handler PC Horsefall

PD Ben was a black Labrador. Ben was killed in an road traffic accident. At the end of a night shift, they were practicing a stand-off exercise. It was late, PC Horsefall had though it was safe as there was no traffic around.

When PD Ben circled back to his handler, he turned onto the road and was hit by a car.

He died in 1982

PD Jake

Handler PC  May

PD Jake 59  was killed in an RTA: 1st June 2003

PD Fitzgregory

Handler PC  Keen

PD Fitzgregory  died of a torsion as a result of a large public order altercation. He was taken to the vets where he was pronounced dead on arrival: 3rd July 1993

PD Ellen

Handler PC Anderson

PD Ellen was killed in and RTA in Tottenham Court Road: December 1995

PD Mike Todd

Handler PC Wardrop

PD Mike Todd was killed on the A12 in an RTA: 9th August 2006

PD Poirot

Handler PC Shaw

PD Poirot ‘Benson’  was poisoned during a search of an allotment and died: 8th January 2004

PD Charlie (Peto)

Handler PC Hunt

PD Charlie ‘Peto’  died on railway lines: 30th January 1998.

Peto tracked three men after watching them remove goods from a lorry. The men were traced by Peto to a railway tunnel. Tragically, Peto touched the railway line which was live. He died from his injuries.

The three men were arrested and admitted the theft of silk ties.

In December 1998, Officers paid for a plaque at Plaistow police station in his memory.

PD Chad

Handler Sgt  Prosser

PD Chad  was killed on railway lines searching for suspects: 14th October 1998

PD Simon

Passed away 6th January 1965

Handler PC Cadogan

PD Simon was shot through the heart on Chelsea Embankment after an altercation with an armed suspect. The heart has been preserved and is in the museum at the DTE.

The following was what was reported in the press the day after the incident.

Two policemen wounded and dog killed in Kensington gun drama.

Two policemen were wounded and a police dog was shot dead in a Kensington gun drama last night.

It started after a white Mercedes which was being chased by police crashed into two other vehicles which had collided second earlier in Old Brompton Road.

What looked like a traffic accident suddenly exploded into a shooting in gangster-film style.

A man dashed from the Mercedes into a nearby basement, the police dog Simon II was sent after him and shot.

PD Gus

PC Edward Roy Dorney and his police dog were killed by a train while tracking along railway lines in Deptford, they were tracking burglary suspects in the evening when they were hit: 1st January 1960