Surrey & Sussex

RPD Duke

Born 2011 –  Surrey Police

RPD Duke  is 7.5 years old and retired in September this year.

He was a Firearms Support Dog with Surrey Police for 6 years, he was a very successful and extremely effective dog, especially tracking and in the FSD role.

He is extremely loving and now he his retired is learning that he doesn’t have to be on duty all the time!

His family are committed to giving him many new experiences to integrate him into his retirement. He even has his own Facebook page.

RPD Anya

2009-2016 Sussex Police

RPD Anya was only 7 when she passed away from cancer. She was a GPD in Sussex mainly patrolling West Sussex.

At 5.5 she was diagnosed with a collapsed lower spine and Mr Fitzpatrick from the Supervet agreed in completing a ground breaking operation to get her back to work.

Anya was featured on the series and had a successful operation, unfortunately her recovery took far too long and her adopted family received a desperate call to see if they could take her on as she did have some unique handling issues which meant she could not be re-homed in the normal process.

Her family said “Anya was an amazing dog who touched the hearts of everyone she met. She was so loving and generous with everyone it was very distressing when she became ill and we had to make the decision to put her to sleep just over a year after we took her on.”

RPD George 

2005 -2013 Sussex Police

RPD George was the first ever retired police dog adopted by his family. He retired at the age of 8. He was a bit of a legend in East Sussex on patrol, at nearly 9.5 stone he always had a presence at any incident which 9 times out of 10 resulted in the total compliance of any suspect. He had a docked tail  and metal plates and pins in his front right paw from separate incidents whilst on duty.

George was your quintessential old timer..  a bit grumpy and loved a cup of tea and digestive biscuit and did everything in his own time!

George passed away in 2013 after suffering a spinal stroke.

His family said ” we are honoured to have been able to give George the retirement he deserved. We are passionate to spread the word about how RPDs need a good retirement home to live out their days in a happy and safe environment”.





Date of Birth unknown – 12.05.2007

Service 1999 – March 2006

Handler PC Baker

Beau was a stray in London and was found by the dog warden.  He was then taken on by the Met.  He went to Keston where he was gifted to PC Baker and went on to serve in Sussex for over 8 years.

Beau was a General Purpose and Firearms Support Dog.  PC Baker was told by numerous colleagues that they were “happy to see him get out of the back of the van”.  PC Baker says “I walked into pub fights when told to hang back and await back up, but I had ‘The Boy’, he never let me down”.

Beau retired to PC Baker and his family and enjoyed his retirement until he passed away.  His ashes are scattered on his favourite hill, now affectionately know to the family as ‘Beausyhill’

RPD Tessa

05.04.06 – 02.10.18

Served 02.08 – 11.09

Handler – PC Bird – Surrey Police

RPD Tessa was an all singing all dancing dog. She was from Holland originally and went to Surrey police at 1 year old. She was great at trails and street work. She was amazing at night work and was also very calming. They were given a commendation when a man set him self on fire in front of them.

Sadly Tessa only worked for 2 years as on a training day she dislocated her elbow on bite work. She was taken and fixed at the super vet in Godalming in Surrey and then once her elbow was popped back in she had to retire. She never worked again but has been a great pet ever since. She was her handlers non argumentative, cuddly companion! When Tessa retired PC Bird was married and Tessa was at their wedding day.  PC Bird then decided to start a family and 2 children later she has been with her through it all. She was 12 and half.

Tessa had hip displacia, artists and has had a bout of on going idiopathic vestibular disease since March (vertigo in dogs) so as a family they have decided enough is enough and have had to say good bye to her.

PC Bird would like to thank all of the officers who have helped her along her career.

PD Ben

Date of birth unknown – 03.02.2016

Served January 2005 – March 2011

Handler PC  Foster

PD “gentle” Ben was PC Foster’s first PD.  When he retired he stayed with him and his family.   PD Ben joined Surrey Police Force from a rescue centre, it is believed he was a stay in London.

He was an outstanding tracking dog who after being beaten by a suspect (detained) never barked at a suspect again, he just bit everyone he found.

He was feared by the locals who once pointed at NPAS saying “we are not scared of them, but we are of him! He finds us every time”

He got the name “Jaws” after swimming across a river, biting and detaining a fleeing swimming suspect on the backside.

As a team PD Ben & PC Foster received Chiefs Commendation for bravery at an armed siege and numerous commendations and awards for other work.

PC Foster says “He truly was one in a million”

RPD Dexter

2.12.2007 – 11.6.2017

Handler PC West

Service – July 2009 until December 2015

RPD Dexter lost his life to Cancer aged just 9 ½ years old.

Dexter started life as a potential guide dog. However, due to being hyperactive, this line of work did not suit him! Dexter luckily found his niche and served as a Police Dog for 6 ½ years. Dexter was a formidable PD. He had a great reputation as a thief taker, living up to his namesake and giving his mum plenty of laughs and paperwork along the way!

Dexter was a complete loon, and his handler says it was an utter privilege to work side by side with him. He was the best crew partner you could ask for!

Dexter retired in December 2015 (alongside his handler) and he lived out the rest of his short life at home. He missed work, but got used to going on holidays and lounging on the sofa. His family were devastated when, just one year after retiring, he was diagnosed with an aggressive Cancer.

He is still very missed by his family, and has left a big hole in their lives.