30/12/07 – 18/03/2020

Served 2009 – 2015

Handler PC Sweeney

Todd who was affectionately know as Sir Todd by his handler, had an amazing career with over 250 arrests. He was a a force to be reckoned with and was loved and adored by all, well apart from the criminals. His handler always said Todd was his hero.

Todd retired to his handler and enjoyed long, lazy days being pampered. His family and all who knew him miss him greatly.

RPD Aukan

Handler PC Ramage

Sadly on 24/12/18 RPD Aukan suddenly passed away.

Aukan retired to his handler and family after serving for 9 years. He came out of early retirement for 6 months and still managed to catch two criminals at the grand age of nine.

As well as general purpose he also worked as a fire arms support dog. He will remain a legend within Humberside Police.

Aukan is missed very much by his family.