RPD Thorin

Handler PC Farndell

RPD Thorin was an Explosive Detection Dog with Police Scotland.

In 2018 his handler moved to be an officer on the Isle Of Barra, at which time Thorin retired.

Thorin is enjoying his retirement on the beach.

RPD Sowen

Served August 2007 – August 2011

Handler PC Farndell

RPD Sowen was a General Purpose dog with Strathclyde Police.

He retired to his handler and enjoyed his retirement until sadly he passed away in 2015.

BB Teva

Teva wanted to be a PD but didn’t make it as a drugs dog as she was too friendly.

Teva went on to serve with Strathclyde Police ( now Police Scotland ) as their brood bitch and had 4 dogs, all were serving police dogs under ‘B’ Batch.

Teva went to the rainbow bridge on the 8th December 2017 at the good age of 11.

Her owner said “Best wee dog ever”

RPD Dixie

27/3/2004 – 27/3/2019

Dixie served with Fife Police/Police Scotland from 2011 to 2013

Handler PC Law

Dixie was trained as a PD as an older dog as I needed a dog in a hurry. She easily made the grade and worked in Fife.  Being all black she was great on a night shift for creeping up on people.

She was an excellent working dog but knew how to switch off at the end of her shift.  She loved nothing more than cuddling up on the couch when she thought no one was watching.

RPD Yodi

Handler PC Meikle

PD Yodi qualified December 2004 in Lothian and Borders Police and worked with  on the street for 8 years retiring December 2012.

He thereafter lived at home with his handler, Sweep and Cali. He died in December 2015. He was an amazing police dog, saving lives, finding criminals, recovering evidence, detaining fleeing criminals and violent offenders on many occasions.

RPD Sweep

Handler PC Meikle

Police dog Sweep,  won the order of merit medal for his outstanding services to the Police. He was trained in drugs, cash and firearms and was the only Poison detection dog in Britain.

He was trained in finding carbofuren which was used to poison birds of prey.

His handler got him as a puppy and he was operational from April 2007 to October 2015 when he retired at 10 years old. He died in September 2017 he had to be put to sleep as he had cancer.

RPD Slaine

Born 29/04/11

Service – April 2012 – January 2019

Handler PC Farndell

Slaine became a trainee pup with Strathclyde Police at 3 months old and lived with his handler.  He licenced with Police Scotland.

He was a formidable character, not to be messed with who loved his job.

He is enjoying his retirement on Isle of Barra with his handler.

RPD Barley

Handler Sgt Moffat

PD Barley served with Strathclyde Police and Police Scotland for 9 1/2 years as a Specialist Drugs Dog.  She was one of the last pups to be bred by Strathclyde Police.

Barley retired to her handler.

RPD Cargo

Service March 2014 – February 2017

Handler PC McNab

Cargo was a natural hunter and did well in his role as a PD,  bagging many criminals and property finds.

Cargo found numerous missing persons and on one occasion saved a lady’s life who he located unconscious in wasteland.

RPD Ghillie

16.01.09 – 04.06.18

Handler – PS Westmorland

Service 18/11/10 to 29/02/16

Ghillie suddenly and unexpectedly developed an abcess in his prostrate and he sadly passed shortly after surgery.

As a Victim Recovery Dog he was involved in many searches for missing persons throughout Scotland. Notably he was part of a mutual aid team to Dwfed-Powys Police that assisted in the search for young April Jones in Wales. He then became a TV star and can be seen on a BBC Crimewatch programme replicating the work of the VR dogs and how they assisted the investigation into the murder of Suzanne Pilley in Edinburgh.

At home his favourite toy was still his ball and he enjoyed long walks on the beach and play with his fur siblings Brodie and RPD Jura. He had the waggiest tail and enjoyed taking himself for a walk carrying his lead.

PD Hooch

Served with Strathclyde Police from 2004 until his retiral in 2010.

A true police dog who gave no quarter! Sadly put to sleep in 2012 due to poor health. A legend in Ayrshire!

RPD Pippa

A drugs, cash and firearms detection dog for Strathclyde Police. Retired in 2013 and was sadly put to sleep in early 2018!

RPD Cash

Strathclyde Police