Ministry Of Defence

RPD Quinty

RPD Quinty served with MOD Police in Scotland from 2013 – 2022.

After a long and successful career Quinty has now retired to her new home and will enjoy many adventures with Paul and Sarah.

RPD Bella

06/2011 – 21/01/2022

Served 05/2014 – 07/2018

Handler PC Murphy

Bella’s handler wrote the following.

“Bella was a brilliant search dog, she had a great nose and loved her work. Bella retired early from service due to hip dysplasia in 2018 and enjoyed her early retirement at home with us.

Bella was diagnosed with a tonsillar tumour in October 2021, and despite our best efforts to help her battle the cancer, sadly she was put to sleep on 21st January 2022.

Bella will always hold a special place in our hearts, she is very dearly missed by my husband and I.

RIP Bella Dragon”

RPD Denver


Served 2014 and 2019

Handler PC Kinchenton

Denver was an explosive detection PD. Unfortunately he retired early after rupturing his cruciate ligament whilst on duty. He had a year recuperative physio and hydro however due to his age and other arthritic joints it was decided to retire him.

Denver now lives with his handler in Cornwall and is enjoying his retirement.

RPD Evar


Served 2011 and 2017 as a General Purpose Police Dog.

Handler PC Kinchenton

Evar, who is know as bear was a general purpose PD.

He started his career on Salisbury Plain and finished in Devon.

Evar is now enjoying his retirement with his handler in Cornwall.

RPD Pebble


Served – August 2012 until July 2017, based at Devonport

Handler PC Farrin

Pebble was officially Petal on all  her paperwork but her handler called her Pebble or Pebs having had previous dogs called Nancy & Fafa, who are sadly no longer with us. Pebble retired from service in 2017 along with her handler.

Pebble is enjoying her retirement with her handler.

RPD Gary

March 2006 – 4th March 2015

Served May 2008 – April 2014 at AWE Burghfield

Handler PC Stott-Barrett

Gary’s handler wrote the following.

“Gary was home enrolled and he came home with me once he retired. He was a stunning dog, with the classic black and tan shepherd markings. He made the adaption to being home kennelled, he switched between home and work mode easily.

He was a loyal and very steady dog, and you couldn’t fool his nose, me however! As a team we expanded our knowledge and training, gaining advanced licence and then Tactical Firearms Support Dog (TFSD) licence.

We competed as guests at MET police dog trials. My favourite photo of Gary is of him trying on the TFSD kit. He was not a fan of the Mutt Muffs, but liked the doggles and booties, he looked like Mr Cool with the doggles but was walking so weirdly with the booties on till we made it a fetch game with his blue ring toy.

Gary is very much missed by us all”.

RPD Eric

19/9/05 – 05/2019

Served 15/12/06 – 13/04/12 RNAD Coulport

Handler PC Hoey

Eric’s handler wrote the following.

“We started our dog training in Manchester on 12th September 2006 and it lasted 13 weeks

We lost him last May 2019. He was 13years 8 months, so he had a good innings. and even after he retired, he searched and found a woman house key which was lost in a football field under 3 inches of snow and another woman’s necklace which had been lost 8 hours earlier in a park.

Eric is greatly missed by the family and all who knew him”

RPD Eben

05/02/08 – 19/11/2019

Served – March 2010 – October 2016

Handler PC Couch

Eben’s handler wrote the following.

“Eben was a very confident dog that loved nothing more than showing his capabilities when working within his role as a Tactile Firearms Support Dog.

Eben had a very active retirement, he was a real character in the area and a great family companion. He loved his visits to the beach, never missed an invitation to a cafe or two and was never seen absent from a BBQ. He made a lot of friends.

Eben was a gentleman who enjoyed the quite life. We miss him so much”.

RPD Barney

08/08/2008 – 09/2017

Served 2010 – 2016

Handler PC Reid

Barney served with The Ministry Of Defence Police from 2010 – 2016, he was a general purpose and tactical firearms support dog.

His handler wrote the following

“Barney competed in and won a number of police dog trails.

But far far above this Barney was my loyal companion, best friend and loved family member from the moment I was issued him until the moment that he sadly passed away in September 2017.

He will be missed and loved for the rest of my life”.

RPD Axel

23/06/10 – 01/03/2019
Service 04/10/2010 – 26/01/2019

Handler PS McGinn

Axel was born in the south of England, where he and his siblings found themselves in a rehoming centre.

Fortunately, Axel and his siblings were procured by the MoD Police and entered their Force Puppy Programme at the slightly later age of 15 weeks.

Axel excelled in his police dog role and was trained using Hydration Intensified Tracking Training methods (HITT). He was an outstanding tracker dog.

He was trained and handled by PS Charlie McGinn for the duration of his police service.

Sadly, he was put to sleep on 1st March 2019 due to progressive Degenerative Myelopathy (DM). His handler said “he was a real character, his floppy ear gave him the cute factor and his eyes had a burning intensity. He was a shining star, keep on shining my boy”.