Devon and Cornwall ROH

PD Bess

 5/2/10 – 11/12/17

Handler – PC  Hawkins

Bess was due to retire between Feb and Sept 18. She completed her Initial course in Jan-Mar 2011. During her career she was posted to Bodmin and worked with her handler PC Marc Hawkins. Bess died after a short illness, believed sepsis.

PD Kain

On the 13th October 1993, during a firearms operation at Crabadon Manor, Morleigh in South Hams, Police Dog Kain was fatally shot by an offender who was armed with a hand gun, bren gun, and a number of other firearms and bladed weapons. The offender was later shot and killed by firearms officers when he threatened officers with the same handgun. Police Dog Kain died the following day due to his injuries.

He is buried at Police HQ, Middlemoor.

His handler (now retired) PC Bob Smith said: “He saved me from injury on a number of occasions, Kain had received numerous Commendations for Bravery, and was also the recipient of the National Police Dog Action of the Year Award for 1993/4.”

Police dog Kain is pictured in 1992. He is buried at the Devon and Cornwall Police Headquarters outside Homer House. He still has his favourite ball with him.