RPD Bonnie

07/03/2010 – 13/11/2020

Served 30/09/2010 to 15/10/2018

Handler PC Ashmore

Bonnies handler wrote the following.

“Bonnie was my drugs cash, firearms dog.  During her service she had many good finds and was an exceptional search dog.  Bonnie retired to myself in 2018.

Bonnie loved her retirement and she had three other dogs to play with.  She would go to the farm with my wife  when she went to see her horse, and would run around and play with all the other friends she had, she was always there with you, never left your side unless she was lying on her bench.

Whenever I sat down she would always jump on my knee, she became a proper lap dog.

Bonnie developed a lot of joint pain, so she did less running toward the end, which meant more walking  but she still loved every minute.

When she was tired and had enough she would just get on the bench and sleep.

I cannot say how much we are missing her, and I wish we could have her back with us, but sadly this isn’t to be, but we have our memories.  Bonnie was a lovely little dog I loved her to bits, and I miss her every day, the house seems empty without her now.

My best mate at work and our best mate in retirement at home”.

RPD Wilbur

Wilbur came to Derbyshire constabulary from the Dog’s Trust and was trained  to become a successful explosives search dog working at the 2012 Olympics, G8 summit and NATO conference. He retired in 2016 and is currently enjoying his retirement with his handler and family.

RPD Nero

German Shepherd Dog Nero retired in 2014 and was trained to respond to German commands, for example: bleib (stay), sitz (sit), steh (stand), geblaut (bark). He unfortunately died in 2017 aged 11 and a half years after a happy retirement with his handler and family including holidays at the seaside.