RPD Victor

PD 466 victor.  Served until he was 8 years old as a general purpose police dog, he caught many criminals and was a firearm support dog as well as a blood detection dog. He represented Kent police 5 years consecutively at regional police dog trials winning the competition and competing at the national police dog trials 4 times in a row. He also competed with in the French national police dog trials with his brother Vince.   He lived till he was 12 and was an amazing best friend, partner and protector.  Love you and miss you boy.

RPD Bailey

Bailey served with Kent Police from 2002 – 2007.

He first joined as a non compliant dog, before becoming a General Purpose Dog which better suited his skill set. Bailey loved going to work, and then returning home for cuddles!

He enjoyed a lovely retirement, and is still missed by his family on a daily basis.

Bailey was a puppy when he moved in with his family, and he remained with them until just before his 16th birthday. His family said: “he’ll be chasing rabbits now to his heart’s content I’m sure.”