Humberside ROH

PD Major

Handler PC Hunts

Major suffered a stomach torsion and was put to sleep.

PD Timber

Handler PC  Ramage.

PD Vegas 

Handler PC Wright

PD Vegas (GSD) worked with PC Wright. Vegas suffered fatal injuries in a RTC during a dog walk whilst he was on duty. He died 20 February  2013.

PD Jerry

Handler PC Wright

PD Jerry was a Spaniel. Jerry died 13 January  2017 from liver failure.

PD Flint

Handler PC Martin

PD Benjie

Handler PS Baxter

PD Bobby

Bobby was a four years old Springer Spaniel, who died in boarding kennels. He was found dead in the morning. Post mortem was inconclusive in its findings. He was not contagious. There was no definitive cause of death. His post mortem read:

“The stomach was empty with no perforations or cancer. The wall lining was thin in places and may have been caused by infection. The other organs were checked and found to be clear of perforations, cancer or other infection.’