RPD Harri

12/2010 – 13/02/2022

Served – May 2014 to October 2021

Handler – PC Mankowski

Harri was a fabulous police dog who assisted Lancashire Police to remove drugs, guns and large quantities of illegal cash from the streets of Lancashire.

RPD Harri was the former partner of RPD Taz and most recently worked alongside PD Rhyker.

RPD Harri’s handler said “He was a fabulous dog to work and will be sorely missed by myself and my family. He had a fabulous but short retirement with his new mum, big brother, sister and Felix the cat and for that I/we are very grateful to them.
Stand down Harri, thank you for your service and sleep easy.”


24/04/2012 – 01/06/2020

Served from June 2014 – November 2017

Handler PC Moore then re-handled to PC Briggs

Lex’s handler wrote the following.

Lex was my first PD, he was a GSD/Malinois Cross who served with Lancashire  Police for 4 years, catching criminals, until an unfortunate  incident occurred where he damaged his front leg chasing  a suspect over walls. He still got him though!

In retirement  Lex was converted into a house dog, a duty he took very seriously before very sadly suffering a sudden illness and passing away from cancer aged just 8. 

Lex was a true hero to me and my family as he brought me home safe every shift.  He is greatly missed by us all.