Thames Valley, Hampshire and Isle of Wight ROH

PD Barney

01/05/10 –  31/01/2020

Served 03/11/11 – 31/01/2020

Handler PC Spencer

Barney was an Explo dog with Hampshire and Thames Valley Specialist Search Unit.

His handler wrote the following.

“Barney was rescued in May 2011 from a really horrible situation and went on to have a brilliant life working with me.

He has been on the protection detail for every member of the Royal family, the last 4 UK Prime Ministers, 2 US Presidents and countless other heads of state, ministers and numerous members of foreign Royalty.

Barney loved working and loved his ball so this is one of my favourite photographs of him!! It was taken at Royal Ascot in 2019.

The hole he will leave in our lives is sadly much bigger than the little fella himself ?

PD Bear

In January 2017, PD Bear from TVP suffered a gastric torsion and was put to sleep. He was a sable German Shepherd Dog.

PD Fionn

PD Fionn died in 2015 and had worked in TVP alongside Police Officer Cook. Fionn died of a gastric torsion.

PD Jet

PD Jet was put to sleep in 2015. Jet worked in TVP alongside Police Officer Pascoe before a diagnosis of cancer in the leg.

PD Edge

PD Edge worked with Police Officer Morris in TVP. Edge died in 2014; we have no cause of death.

PD Juke

In 2014 Juke, who worked with Police Officer Whenmouth in TVP, was put to sleep following a diagnosis of lymphoma.

PD Thai

Thai worked with Police Officer Webb in Hampshire. It is believed Thai had cushing syndrome. In 2013, a vet suggested the kindest thing to do was to put Thai to sleep as Thai was losing fur, became aggressive, did not want to leave their bed and was also incontinent.

PD Major

PD Major worked with Police Officer Tait in Hampshire. In 2013, Major suffered a collapsed lung and was put to sleep.

PD Jack

PD Jack worked alongside Police Officer Howell in TVP. Jack was due to retire from rheumatism. Before that could happen, his back legs went and was unable to walk. He was put to sleep in 2013.

PD Ice

PD Ice died in 2012. Ice worked alongside Police Officer Wilkinson in Hampshire. Ice suffered from an intestinal disease which was possibly cancer and put to sleep.

PD Mac

PD Mac died in 2012. He had worked with Police Officer Pooley in TVP.  Mac had a fungal infection in his naval cavity and was put to sleep.

PD Zeus

On September 21 2012, PD Zeus died. Zeus had a shoulder injury, which first occurred when he put his foot down a rabbit hole. The vet said he wouldn’t be able to continue being an operational police dog as he would always have a limp

Zeus had worked with PC Moyce in Hampshire.

PD Max

PD Max worked with PC Champion. Max had stomach cancer and was put to sleep in 2012.

PD Ben

Served with TVP from 2005 – 2011.

He collapsed at home after a night shift. During a scan at the vets it was discovered he had multiple internal tumours. The decision was made that he should ‘go to the Rainbow Bridge.’

Ben was a very timid for a Spaniel. That was until it was time to race around playing with RPD Meg (another Spaniel), PD Ross and PD Blaze. He had an excellent nose for sniffing and loved to lay out on the decking in the sun. Ben’s handler said he had the ‘Puss in Boots” pose from Shrek down to a tee.

Ben was seven and a half, and worked alongside PC Ellen Webster.

PD Evo

Whilst off duty and being exercised, Evo chased a deer.

Evo ran in front of a car and died at the scene.

On January 17 2011, Police Dog Evo was cremated. With Police Officer Champion, Evo had worked for TVP.

PD Bruce

PD Bruce worked alongside Police Officer Ford in Hampshire. Bruce had been rehomed by the force 3 times. Sadly, on each occasion Bruce bit someone. In 2010, he was returned to the force and put to sleep.

PD Scout

PD Scout worked alongside Police Officer Ellis in Hampshire. In 2010, Scout was put to sleep following an irreparable stomach torsion.