West Mercia ROH

PD Bellon

Very sadly on 18th December 2018 PD Bellon FSD/GP had to put  to sleep after being potentially poisoned.

Bellon couldn’t recover and had kidney and liver failure.

He was due to retire 3 months later, so sadly never made his retirement.

He served West Mercia Police for almost 7 years.

PD Theo and PD Bruno

Handler PC Hale

Theo was destined to be a police dog. As a 12 weeks old puppy he moved in with PC Hale and her family. At regular puppy checkups, the vet said he just had growing pains. It wasn’t.

At five years old, Theo was diagnosed with arthritis and hip dysphasia. He went swimming – the hydrotherapy sessions were helping to strengthen his muscles. Theo was due to take early retirement in September 2012.

Three months before Theo’s retirement, he broke his tail. PC Hale isn’t sure what he did. Unfortunately, his tail began to die and an operation was booked to have it amputated. The operation went well, and he returned home to recover.

Two days after his tail operation, PD Theo collapsed. His back legs gave way; his front legs ‘shattered like glass.’ Theo was put to sleep. The vets think he had bone cancer.  His family received lots of messages – they were incredibly touched how many people cared about their ‘lovely boy.’

Along with PC Hale, Theo lived with PD Bruno. Bruno was about six years old. He adored Theo and had terrible separation anxiety when Theo died.
Theo and Bruno did everything together. They lived in the same kennel, took all walks together and even ate together.

Bruno had started life as a pet dog. His dad was a police dog handler, and saw he had great potential. So Bruno started training as a hobby. His dad emigrated to Australia, and Bruno stayed behind to join the police – it was like he had taken his dad’s job!

Now PD Bruno, he was given a new handler. This officer retired after one year and Bruno was sent to live with PC Hale and Theo. Bruno was an excellent PD – he had some really good finds and put a few drug dealers behind bars.

Little Bruno was a workaholic. He loved his role as a specialist search dog.
Just months after the death of PD Theo, Bruno was diagnosed with liver cancer.
He was put to sleep, devastating his family.

We would like to thank PC Hale for letting us tell their story. As she says, ‘they’re not just “a dog”! They are part of the family.’