Essex ROH

PD Mitch

10/01/2015 – 04/042022

Served 2016 – 2022

Handler PC Magin

Mitch’s handler wrote the following.

“Mitch was a German Sheppard cross Mali, he was a very loving dog to his me and my best friend.

On training days he did love to test the other handlers on a standoff,  he was very quick across the field and a very powerful dog.

MItch’s  bark was a one off, it sounded like he always had a sore throat!  Bless him. Mitch is greatly missed.”

PD Azzi

DOB – unknown – Date of passing – 3rd December 2008

Served from 14/01/2008 – 03/12/2008

Hander PC Hill

Azzi joined Essex Police on the 14th of January 2008. Sadly, he died on the 3rd of December 2008 in the police kennels from a stomach torsion.

After Azzi’s death, Essex Police changed their policy of checking on the dogs overnight. Now, kennelled dogs are checked twice during the evening and night.

PD Sabre

Handler PC Nicholls

Police Dog Sabre was the dog of Paul Nicholls, founder of the National K9 Memorial.  He was the reason the K9 Memorial was created.

PD Baron

Handler: PC Gary Lambert  – PD Fell in Service

Served: From April 2010 to 25 November 2013.

28 July 2008 – 25 November 2013

PD Buddy

Handler: PC David Morgan  – PD Fell in Service

Served: From 15 May 2007 to 11 March 2011

11 March 2005 – 11 March 2011

Breed: German Shepherd

Role: General Purpose Dog

Buddy was imported from the Czech Republic.  He had a fearsome reputation for his sure biting.  Buddy won an Obedience Trophy at Force Trials Display. On one particular job he tracked for over a mile negotiating fences and water such was his strong drive.  Buddy was the softest dog at home and often liked to sneak into the house and fall asleep on the sofa watching TV.  Buddy was born on 11th March 2005 and sadly died in a road accident on his birthday in 2011.  Buddy was much loved by his handler and his family.  “Buddy was a fantastic companion and working dog who I miss every day”.

PD Eddie

Handler PC  Nuth

Served: From 7 January 2009 to 7 February 2012.

15.10.2007 – 07.02.2012.

Breed: German Shepherd

Role: General Purpose Dog / Tactical Firearms Support

Eddie was bred in Germany.  He had drive and this made him an excellent police dog.

Sadly Eddie eventually died as a result of being attacked while at work by a dog belonging to a member of the public.

PD Gunner

Handler PC Arthey

Served: From 17 December 2009 to 25 January 2014.

14 September 2008 –  25 January 2014.

Breed: German Shepherd

Role: General Purpose Dog

PD Arrow

Handler PC Hutley

Died as a result of injuries sustained following a road traffic crash: 27th June 1997.

PD Jasper

Handler PC Johnson

During an operation in rural Essex in 1996, following a pursuit involving a car containing suspected offenders, vehicle crashed PD Jasper was sent to detain one of the suspects, as the suspect crosssed a main road, he waited for a passing car to approach that then struck PD Jasper who later died from his injuries.

PD Acer

On 11th November 1997, PD Acer and his handler were taking part in a week-long training course.

Allegations state his handler was ordered by the training staff to kick Acer to teach ‘control.’

PD Acer was a two years old German Shepherd Dog.

Following the death of PD Acer, Essex Police reviewed and changed their dog training methods.