Police Service Northern Ireland ROH

PD Baz

Baz the Malinois was put to sleep after being deemed aggressive in 2010.

PD Corbi

The German Shepherd Dog died in 2009. He was put to sleep for medical reasons.

PD Eros

Eros the Malinois, was born 29.09.06 and died February 2015 after having a seizure.

PD Geza

Geza was a German Shepherd Dog. He was born 10.01.12. He died in his kennel January 2014.

PD Caesar

Caesar born 11.08.11 was a German Shepherd Dog. He was put to sleep in September 2013 for being deemed aggressive and unpredictable.

PD Titan

Titan, born 26.06.10 was a German Shepherd Dog x Malinois. He died May 2013 following medical advice.

PD Red

Red, born 01.09.08 was a German Shepherd dog, put to sleep in Feb 2013 for medical reasons.