West Yorkshire

RPD Blue

October 2000 – September 2012

Served – May 2002 – March 2009

Handler PC Proctor

In March 2005 whilst assisting in a search for a violent suspect Blue located the suspect and he was attacked with a knife.  Despite his injuries Blue continued to do his duty and followed the man to his hideout where he stood guard until his handler and a colleague arrived at the scene.

Blue then assisted in the disarming and the arrest of the suspect, he continued his diligent surveillance of the man until he was placed in the police vehicle.

Blue had sustained two deep stab wounds to his shoulder but never wavered from his duties.  His brave actions helped to defuse a volatile situation that could have resulted in the loss of human life.

Blue underwent emergency surgery and thankfully made a full recovery and returned to work.

Blue was awarded a PDSA Medal for his bravery.

When he retired in 2009 he stayed with his handler and enjoyed many happy years of retirement.  Sadly in September 2012 he passed away in his handlers arms.

PD Mack

PD Mack was a gift dog and was a GPD and firearms support dog serving WYP from 2002 until retirement in 2009. His temperament led him to become part of the specialist Firearms team (CTSFO).

Mack is described as being a brilliant PD with a proper attitude, but when switched off a big softie.

Mack sadly passed away 2013.


German Shepherd Dog Kes was born as part of the West Yorkshire Police breed programme. She served as a GPD and Firearms support dog from 2010 to 2017.

RPD Fern

Springer Spaniel Fern was a Drugs, Firearms and Cash specialist search dog. She was a gift dog and served in West Yorkshire from February 2009 until summer 2017.