Civil Nuclear Constabulary ROH

PD Mindy

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05/2013 – 01/09/2020

Served May 2015- Sept 2020

Handler PC Watson

Mindy’s handler wrote the following

“Mindy came to The Civil Nuclear Constabulary in 2015 as a rescue, she’d quite a tough start in life. Despite her bad start she passed her assessments to become an Explosives Search Detection Dog in May of 2015.

Mindy was stationed at Dounreay in Caithness from May 2015 until her untimely passing.

Mindy had undertaken many search tasks not only for the CNC, but she also assisted the MDP and Police Scotland on several occasions throughout her career. She was aged 7 (approx).

Mindy will forever be in our hearts and is greatly missed by us all.”