RPD Joey

DOB 06.03.07

In service with Cleveland Police from June 2008 until Oct 2014.
Handled by PC Jones, re-teamed to PC Hiser, re-teamed again to PC Green. Retired back to PC Jones.

RPD Ronny

RPD Ronny has had to take early retirement due to an issue with his hip.

Although the vet said in theory he could continue working, Chris, his handler decided that it was best for him to retire rather than to potentially aggravate the issue with the rigours and physical demands of Police Dog work and leave him in a much worse condition 12 months down the line.

Ronny has now moved a his new retirement home.

Ronny served with the force for over 4 years and will be remembered for his fame on Police Interceptors.

Chris and his family will miss him very much, but they had do what was best for Ronny, as his welfare is paramount to them.