RPD Misty

26/11/11 – 03/07/22

Handler – PC Chappell

Misty, a German Shepherd from our friends the Isle Of Man constabulary breeding
programme. She was one of three pups from that litter who arrived in the January of 2012
at Cumbria constabulary and was allocated her handler Pc Chappell in February of the same
year to join PD Gonzo.

Passing her initial course with flying colours her and Pd Gonzo became the dynamic duo for
their handler. Misty considered herself a good judge of character and if she didn’t like someone, she let them know feisty and boisterous but yet showered you with affection if she considered you to be her pack. She pulled like a steam train and was a good tracking dog. She was a loyal dog and defended her handler at all costs even in the most innocuous situation. Whilst at G20 summit a cyclist tried to steady himself, when asked to stop, reaching out to hold onto PC Chappell as he had cleats on his cycling shoes but PD Misty thought it was an attack and had to be swiftly dragged back before making contacts with her bite as she lunged towards him. She was airborne on the same operation where got her first ride in a chinook helicopter. She took it all in her stride.

She enjoyed so many successes in her career and was a formidable firearms support dog.
When tasked to try and locate a fleeing armed robber. her vocal chords and presence were
sufficient to strike fear into a career criminal who gave himself up and a loaded viable
firearms was found at the location of the arrest after he was removed. The threat was very real.

At home she was a baker, she would lie in the sun and bake to an unbearable temperature
no matter how many times you moved her into the shade she would migrate back there but
on the flip side she became the most playful dog, in winter she absolutely loved the snow.

PD Misty’s working life was cut short when she developed a muscle wasting condition after
some fabulous hydrotherapy at Myerscough college she returned to full duties and luckily it
wasn’t as bad as first thought but unfortunately, she then developed a problem with her
right shoulder, a few months later her condition didn’t improve, and she had to retire.

With Misty being a dog that would now benefit from not being on the lead a good friend of
PC Chappell and a Special Constable who rode shotgun with the handlers all the time
requested he be able to rehome her. she spent a fabulous retirement on his farm killing
footballs and the lack of pulling on the lead and line meant her health improved. She spent 5 happy years in retirement and settled into a great family pet with her personality

Sadly, only a week after her pal RPD Gonzo passed Misty was found in her kennel having
passed away through the night on Sunday 3rd July 2022.


08/08/09 – 23/06/22

Handler PC Chappell

Gonzo was gifted to Cumbria police in June 2010 where he joined the department as TPD
Bonzo. In august of the same year after a wait he was given to PC Chappell but under the
new name of Gonzo which seemed more fitting to his cheeky personality. He successfully
completed his training to become a cash drugs and firearms detection dog by the October of 2010.

To say he was a quirky little dog was an understatement and you could guarantee as soon
as he was let off the lead on a walk, he would demonstrate his explosive straight-line speed for around 100 yards before quickly coming back to be the most attentive little dog. He was
a small in stature but with a big heart and was very keen to work for his handler further
completing his passive scanning course in may 2011. His height did not deter him from
being successful and in fact was an asset when searching vessels in the harbour where he
could get into small, confined spaces. If he had one vice it was his love of water, no matter what the setting and sometimes when his handler didn’t really want a wet dog, he got one!

However there came a point in his working life where he just seemed to lose his mojo and
his handler made the difficult decision to retire him from being a working dog. He found his
forever home with a retired cop and friend of his handler and it’s fair to say he must have
known what was to come when he decided work was no longer for him. he became the
most spoilt little companion adored and treated like a king. Daily swims trips off in the
campervan to the seaside. He had the life of riley even his liver colouring became bleached
by the sun. if you looked at him you would even question if he had an actual smile on his

Sadly, due to a sudden discovery of cancer his life became unbearable and the decision no
animal lover wants to make had to be done. Gonzo crossed over on 23rd June 2022 but will
never be forgotten how such a little guy could play such a big part in so many people’s lives.

RPD Xander

06/06/2013 – 31/08/2021

Served September 2015 – February 2019

Handler PC Akam

Xander’s handler wrote the following.

“Xander was amazing police dog, daft as a brush and friendliest dog you could meet unless I said that magic word and he would be full on.

Xander was a proper nanny dog and looked after lots of other PDs. He helped train his brother Fenrir and loved working, playing his favourite game of searching for people right to the end.

Xander will be greatly missed by his brother Fenrir and myself, my family and all who knew him.”

RPD Marco

Handler PC Chappell

RPD Alfie

06/2010 – 10/04/2021

Served 2011- October 2017

Handler PC Myerscough

Alfie was given to Cumbria Police in December 2010, he was an amazing drugs dog and was such a character. Alfie was also dad to 6 specialist dogs who also serve with Cumbria Police.

After 7 years service Alfie retired to a loving family who gave him the retirement he deserved.

Alfie is greatly missed by all who knew him.

RPD Dexter

18/5/2009 – 5/8/2020

Served 2010 to 2014

Handler PC Myerscough

Dexter’s handler wrote the following.

“Dexter was bred by GMP, he was a gentle soul who liked nothing more than coming to work and trying his best.

He was never going to be the greatest PD but his tenacity got him some great results – saving my bacon on more than one occasion, which even resulted in him winning awards.

Sadly he was retired early due to a medical condition and went on to enjoy 6 years of happy retirement with his loving forever family. He was my first GP dog and I learnt a lot from him.

He was a great character, friend and colleague and will be missed by everyone.”

Dexter’s forever family wrote the following.

“When Dexter retired he loved nothing more than lying in front of the wood burning stove watching TV.

He loved his walks on the beach and around the village where he would jump up and sit on his favourite stone and he loved meeting and greeting everyone.

He is greatly missed by us.”