We’ve added RPD Anya to our Tribute Wall

2009-2016 Sussex Police

RPD Anya was only 7 when she passed away from cancer. She was a GPD in Sussex mainly patrolling West Sussex.

At 5.5 she was diagnosed with a collapsed lower spine and Mr Fitzpatrick from the Supervet agreed in completing a ground breaking operation to get her back to work.

Anya was featured on the series and had a successful operation, unfortunately her recovery took far too long and her adopted family received a desperate call to see if they could take her on as she did have some unique handling issues which meant she could not be re-homed in the normal process.

Her family said “Anya was an amazing dog who touched the hearts of everyone she met. She was so loving and generous with everyone it was very distressing when she became ill and we had to make the decision to put her to sleep just over a year after we took her on.”

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