The highs and lows of a puppy walker

We asked puppy walker Nicki  about being a puppy walker.

How did you become a Puppy Walker?

Essex Police placed an advert on Facebook. There were 3 initial questions and if the answer was yes to all 3, then you could go on to apply for the position.

This involved lots of questions, a home and garden check and indepth background checks for the whole family, including my parents.

What does being a Puppy Walker involve?

The role, which is a volunteer position involves introducing the new pup, who we shall for this blog name Comet (my very first pup) to every imaginable scenario that he would come across in his working life as a fully-fledged PD.

Shopping centres, different flooring, lighting, noises, open staircases, crowds, traffic, trains, buses and even aeroplanes. We also put in place the basic commands and attend training sessions at Sandon kennels.

What are the highs of being a Puppy Walker?

This speaks for itself really, having a beautiful bundle of fluff from 8 weeks of age in my life is a dream come true.

The love and care you put into a pup, rewards you tenfold when you see them pass out and qualify as a working PD. The pride oozes from every inch of my heart.

What are the lows of being a Puppy Walker?

The one and only low is the hand over when the time comes.  It’s guaranteed that there will be tears and heartache each and every time a pup is handed over, keeping in mind that he’s been in your life for the past 11/12 months.

Have you a story about one of your pups?

This would have to be when we had Comet our very first bundle of fluff, and he was literally that.

He’s now working in Essex with his handler. We are in regular contact. I couldn’t wish for Comet to be with a nicer family.

On the Boxing Day of 2015, my husband and I took Comet for his walk along with our own Labrador Benson. The groundsman of the park had, after white lining the football pitch, tipped the white paint out under a tree.

You guessed it, Comet decided it looked tasty which resulted in a Boxing Day trip to the vet,  where he was given meds to make him sick.

The result, a puppy feeling sorry for himself for the rest of the day!

He was I must add, unharmed by the event!


You can follow Nicki on twitter @NicNic711


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  1. It’s one of the best “jobs” ever! And just to make it even better I met Nicki when she had Comet and I was given his brother Cain, we’ve now become really good friends. She is a fantastic puppy walker and definitely someone who I would go to for advice without a doubt regarding my dog.
    Great job Nicki xx

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