Ministry Of Defence

RPD Eben

05/02/08 – 19/11/2019

Served – March 2010 – October 2016

Handler PC Couch

Eben’s handler wrote the following.

“Eben was a very confident dog that loved nothing more than showing his capabilities when working within his role as a Tactile Firearms Support Dog.

Eben had a very active retirement, he was a real character in the area and a great family companion. He loved his visits to the beach, never missed an invitation to a cafe or two and was never seen absent from a BBQ. He made a lot of friends.

Eben was a gentleman who enjoyed the quite life. We miss him so much”.

RPD Barney

08/08/2008 – 09/2017

Served 2010 – 2016

Handler PC Reid

Barney served with The Ministry Of Defence Police from 2010 – 2016, he was a general purpose and tactical firearms support dog.

His handler wrote the following

“Barney competed in and won a number of police dog trails.

But far far above this Barney was my loyal companion, best friend and loved family member from the moment I was issued him until the moment that he sadly passed away in September 2017.

He will be missed and loved for the rest of my life”.

RPD Axel

23/06/10 – 01/03/2019
Service 04/10/2010 – 26/01/2019

Handler PS McGinn

Axel was born in the south of England, where he and his siblings found themselves in a rehoming centre.

Fortunately, Axel and his siblings were procured by the MoD Police and entered their Force Puppy Programme at the slightly later age of 15 weeks.

Axel excelled in his police dog role and was trained using Hydration Intensified Tracking Training methods (HITT). He was an outstanding tracker dog.

He was trained and handled by PS Charlie McGinn for the duration of his police service.

Sadly, he was put to sleep on 1st March 2019 due to progressive Degenerative Myelopathy (DM). His handler said “he was a real character, his floppy ear gave him the cute factor and his eyes had a burning intensity. He was a shining star, keep on shining my boy”.