Ministry Of Defence ROH

PD Nero

10/04/2014 – 04/10/2019

Served 06/2015 – 04/10/2019

Handler PC Wills

Nero’s handler wrote the following.

Nero was a big softy the definition of a gentle giant. He loved nothing more than a belly rub and spent nearly all of his down time requesting them! He was incredibly affectionate yet a great worker. We called him scooby doo ❤️.

Nero is greatly missed by myself and all who knew him.

PD Rondo

14/04/2007 – 12/2016

Service 09/2008 – 12/2016

Handler – PC McGavin

Rondo and PC McGavin were a team until December 2016 when Rondo suffered severe colon problems .

Rondo’s handler wrote the following.

“During our working time together Rondo not only worked all time protecting DM Crombie , he also worked with Fife Police, now Police Scotland, with missing persons and all other aspects of dog work.

Rondo was put to sleep in my arms when he could no longer work. I have hundreds of photos and videos of my best friend. I will never forget you”.

PD Stella

24/11/11 – 19/06/2019

Service – 27/05/13 – 19/06/19

Handler – PC MacPherson

Stella was bred by West Midlands Police and sold to the Ministry of Defence Police where she was teamed with her handler PC Rab MacPherson.

Stella was a truly Outstanding Police Dog who had that magical special function to “switch” on and off when required.

Sadly she had to be put to sleep on the 19th June 2019 due to cancer. Her handler has said “She will always be in our hearts and never forgotten”